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    Unanswered: 2-year fixed-term DBA position in Switzerland

    Please dismiss this email if it is not the appropriate forum. This is
    a personal and informal message and has not been sent on behalf of the

    The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has a 2-year fixed-term
    vacancy for a DBA, below is the link to this job description:

    As cited in its web site, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
    is an international financial institution that promotes central bank
    cooperation and provides banking services exclusively to central
    banks. Based in Basel, Switzerland, with representative offices for
    Asia and the Pacific in Hong Kong SAR and for the Americas in Mexico
    City, the BIS have staff from some 50 countries.

    Main employee benefits of working at the BIS:

    Salary is tax free
    Relocation, expat, family and education allowances

    About Basel:

    Basel is small, central to Europe, 10 min drive from neighbouring
    France and Germany. From Basel airport, you can fly to many
    destinations; airlines include EasyJet and Ryan Air.

    Although small, Basel is an interesting city, offering may cultural

    If interested, apply directly thru the recruitment web site.

    Kind regards and good luck,

    Fernando Amores

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    Swiss her I come. Some help needed

    Hi there,

    I will move to Zurich next week. Anyone of you know of any good Dating site specialised for the Schweiz?

    I would appreciate it. Thanks


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    I'd think there would be more obvious places to look for datingsites than a technical forum...
    I'm not crazy, I'm an aeroplane!

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