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    Question Unanswered: Pivot Table with no data

    Hi there

    I write reports in Excel that pull data from a SQL database which I then summarize in a pivot table. I've been doing this for a while now and have never encountered the following scenario until now:

    Client opens spreadsheet - with data - but pivot table is blank! I tried recreating the pivot table but no luck - just blank. The only difference is that I use Excel 2003 and they use Excel 2000. I've written reports for this client before with pivot tables and they work fine.

    Has anybody else encountered this issue? I'm completely clueless and thrown for a loop on this one. ANY help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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    1. Does the lcient update the Pivot Table (from Pivot toolbar)?

    2. Is the data structure changed? Is it based on a dynamic named range?
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    The client doesn't update anything - it's all automated. The report gets run from within an ERP program and it produces an Excel spreadsheet with the data - as if you'd done a data query within Excel yourself.

    What normally happens after this is that I add a pivot table and save the template back to the system and this automatically gets updated when the report is run. No problem until now. I even ran a clean report with just the data in case my template had gotten corrupt - but no luck - as soon as I add a pivot table it shows no data - just a big blank block with field headings.

    Like I said - I've never encountered this before and am completely stumped.

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