i have no knowledge of databases, but im looking for a point in the right direction, i dont even know what kind of help i need to find yet so any info will help...

im want to make a sight that allows users to submit a post that can be searched for by location (exact address to be specific) and filtered by options that they select when submitting their post (options that make their post more specific in nature. the posts will have little or no actual user written content. they may include a picture or two. basically it will be arranged similar to craiglist, post will simply be searched for primarily by address nearest to furthest from the address the searcher inputs

what sort of software does this sight need? which databases/languages would suit best? does it need some sort of map software? how does that work? where can i find information a little more specific to my questions (the forums have so much thats over my head)

any help is greatly appreciated!

or a suggestion on where else to post this question