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    Unanswered: General Protection Violation with calculated field in report

    I am new to posting on this forum, but have been intermittently lurking for a number of years. I have a problem that I have not been able to solve myself or find a solution anywhere

    I regularly find that I get a General Protection Violation when I try to set up a calculated field in a report.

    I have a calculated field in a final report band and if, for example, I set the value to something like..

     Sum([Capitalgains.PaymentReceived]) - Sum([Capitalgains.CostOfPurchase])
    If the report is opened in design mode and not previously run, I can save the report and it crashes out when I try to run it, or, if I have previously run it, it crashes when I try to save any changes to the calculated field. Once changed, saved, exited Paradox and reopened, it works perfectly!

    Is this a known bug, or am I overlooking something very silly?

    Many Thanks

    Acer 1.8GHz Win XP SP2
    BDE 5.01

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    I don't know if this is a known bug, but many times i had to rebuild a Report totally from scratch for problems like this, and in these cases the only thing that resolved was REBUILDING ALL FROM AN EMPTY REPORT, NOT copying ANY object from the original report...

    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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    When I have encountered this problem, it is ALWAYS with a calculated field ina Report and usually when I want to alter the field. The only way that I have found around it is to totally delete the calculted field - insert a new field and start the "calculation formula" all over again. Paradox reports do not seem to accept a large number of calculted reports either

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