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    The Best IT Database Job Search Online

    Looking for a job,

    IMO, here's the best IT job search online site with specific sections for database jobs, networking jobs, IT security jobs, sofware engineering jobs, to name a few.

    They have over 500,000 IT jobs, that's more than all the jobs that Monster has for all categories, and half the jobs that has in ALL of their categories.

    Online IT Degree Search, IT Certification, IT Career Advice, and IT Job Outlook.

    Check out the Top 5 Fastest Growing IT Jobs, or the 5 Best IT Certifications to earn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBAMaster
    ...with specific sections for database jobs, ...
    tried that one -- entered toronto in the location search field, got back 8 jobs, none of them in toronto

    your user interface failed, twice

    first, by not making it clear that it isn't as wide as the world wide web, and second, for returning false results

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    r937 - Yes, that's right, IT Jobs in the United States only. And no one has more of them. Not Dice, not CareerBuilder, not Monster.

    Monster has about 300,000 jobs in all categories. has over 500,000+ jobs just in IT and, sorry to say those who live in Canada, for the US only.

    I don't understand the sour grapes though. Sounds like you might be out of work.

    If so, let me give you some advice from someone who used to work at CareerBuilder and at Microsoft. If you do this and you are qualified for the open positions that are out there, you will begin to get interviews in a week.

    I'm actually going to put some time into this post, so I hope you take this advice seriously. It has worked for hundreds of others in some of the toughest of employment conditions like just after 911.

    First of all, you should know that job searching is an activity of the past. What has taken it's place is marketing yourself. Cominbe resume marketing, with networking, job prospecting, and you have strategies and tactics that work for today's information age. Personally, I have a five step program that I've used to get work wherever I've want to work. I can get an interview almost anywhere there is an open position I'm qualified for within 1 week. I use five tactics that support each other and overlap to create an unbeatable job searching strategy. If you use these five steps I guarantee that you will start to get job interviews within about a week.

    1. Resume Posting - Post you polished and perfect resume to every appropriate job board on the net. There are over 100 good ones, and the more you post to the more employers and recruiters will see you. Benefits include getting employers and recruiters searching for and calling you, having access to the unadvertised job market, and

    2. Resume Distribution - Best used by mid-level and above individual contributors and managers, resume distribution to hundreds, even thousands of recruites will get you the inside track toward find a half dozen recruiters you will want to work with until you accept your next job. Recruiters have open jobs, but they also have contacts. And networking is really the best way to get work. A good recruiter will introduce you to managers they know at companies that you've identified have open jobs. They do this because they want the good will and the potential future work.

    3. Join LinkedIn. Expand you professional network exponentially. Almsot everyone who signs up, aggrees to help others identify and reach hiring managers at their current place of work. With millions of employers represented, you have an easy way to get your resume handed to a hiring mangers by an inside and trusted source of the company you want to work for.

    4. Network. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. When you sign up for LinkedIn, you will have identified the companies and the persons who might help you. This list is invaluable for networking. Use your network for informational interviews and for getting your reusme handed to hiring managers of companies that you've identified have open positins,.

    5. Job Prospecting.- Identify sevearl current open jobs that you want, and use the resources that you've created in the steps above to get your reusme deliverd to hiring managers.

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