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    Unanswered: restore n DB CFG

    i recently restored a offline image on a DB.
    what i was expecting was that the new DB after the restore would have lost its DB CFG and would be having the new DB setting as are in the OFFline image. But i was surprised to see that it was still having the old DB cfg however all its data was replaced by the new data.
    ideally the db cfg file should have been overwritten after restore. why this didn't happened... is there any setting for that ??....
    i used following restore command

    db2 restore db DEV23100 From C:\DBbackups\ into Dev23100 with 4 buffers buffer 1024 replace existing without rolling forward

    and this thing happened on 2 servers...
    Rahul Singh
    Certified DB2 9 DBA / Application Developer

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    if you restore to existing database DB CFG preserves from existing database, so new DB CFG are not excepted. If you would like to have a new DB CFG settings (from backup image) then you need to drop database first and then restore to new database from backup.
    Hope this helps,

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