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    Unanswered: Stock Database help?

    I'm setting up a shop on the internet and because i will have a limited number of each item i need some sort of database, i have mySQL, is this what i should use to do this, and how do it do it and intergrate it with PayPal??


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    to talk to paypal you need to know the mechanism (usually called an API) to send and request information form PayPal.. that shold be available form Paypal.
    MySQL is a competant db sever engine.. there are lots of db candidates out there.. but MySQL is as good as any. For what you want I wouldn't rule out MS Access, Filemaker or Paradox.

    you need some knowledge of an interface language (whether you do that within Access, use a server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, or a plain old style development environment such as VB, VC++, C#, Delphi..... so that your db can talk to PayPal.

    But as you say you are "clueless" Im not sure this is the right forum for you, it sounds like tyou need helkp with the basics of design, coding, and interfacing to external systems.... all of which are beyond the scope of this site.. we will try to help, but this site isn't about teaching, it isn't about doing work for people, its about helping people with db related developemnt issues as a community.

    It may be worthwhile having a look at sites such as W3schools.

    Id suggest you so some basic research & fact discovery on what it is you want, what you need to do to interface to Paypal, and then decide what you cant reasonably do given your current experience, knowledge and competence. There's no harm in trying, it may eve be a good 'project' to learn on.. just this isn't a teaching or training resource.

    There are lots of people here who may help, and provide pointers or answers to perplexing questions, but they cannot, and almost certainly will not take you through the whole process or do it for you. If you try to go down that route, you will exhaust even the most charitable respondent here's patience, long before you complete the first screen.
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    Why not just use an existing shopping platform like yahoo shops where you just enter some details for your products and it builds the shop for you.

    At least you'll get something working quickly.


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    Nice one Mike, i've not seen that before. Having a browse now.

    Indeed as healdem suggests, if you are learning from scratch this would be a large project for any but the hardest of contenders. Mike offers a good option, and if you have a specific MySQL related query we are more than willing to help you out.

    If you have a problem with the Paypal PHP API, then by all means post it in the PHP part of this forum where i'm sure someone will help you with it.

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