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    Unanswered: Creating sets of data...

    Please be kind, for this is my first post here and I am an absolute novice when it comes to databases...

    I have a very specific task that I am trying to accomplish and I would like some suggestions on how to approach it.

    I have a database that currently stores hundreds of types of entities - data for the design parameters of electronics.

    Here's an example... Let's say I have a microwave that has a bunch of one-touch operations - defrost, reheat, cook, etc. Say the data in the database includes the power level, on-time, and temperature.

    I would like to be able to extract things two ways - one, by calling out all of the data tied to a particular mode, like reheat. The other way I would like to retrieve data would be by the entry type - for instance, retrieve all the operational modes that have a power of 700 watts and a required temperature of 170 degrees.

    Is there a way that I can enter my data so that it can later be retrieved using queries like this? Please forgive me if this is a terribly formed question - I am on day one of getting my feet wet in database use.

    - evan
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    Did you learn about database design? Is "normalization" a known term to you? If not, well, I guess you should spend some time reading about it (if not studying) in order to get an idea HOW it is to be done. Before you do that, I'm afraid the complete task would be a waste of time because you know WHAT you'd like to do, but - as I've already said - you don't know a proper way HOW to do it.

    Once the design is over, it is a pure matter of time to create objects (tables in the first place - constraints are a great thing to maintain data integrity; possibly procedures, triggers, etc.) while writing a query / report which would fetch data in a desired way would be piece of a cake.

    I hope you will come back (either here or the Database Concepts and Design here at the dBforums) to show us what you did; ask for help on a specific problem, look for suggestion or just an opinion. I'm sure you'll benefit from dBforums and hope you'll enjoy in Oracle!

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    I have a database that currently stores hundreds of types of entities
    You already have a database with populated data? (And you're asking for help in querying that data)
    Or you're designing a new database? (And you want good data design)

    Besides technical data design decisions like normalization, business rules also impact data design; or rather, good data design enables flexible business rules...

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