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    Unanswered: rebuild index timeframe

    Hi Gurus,

    Is there any way to estimate index rebuild on a large table. It will be helpful to inform user before rebuild that it will take xx hrs. is it possible pl??

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    No, the time will depend on various things e.g. Your table size (MB), Disk I/O speed, memory, sort buffers, CPU, etc.
    Best is to build an index on a sample to get an estimate e.g.
    select top 10000 * into sampletable from largetable
    Then build an index on sampletable
    If it takes 10 second then you can guess that 5000000
    will take 10*500=5000 seconds
    You can also look at the size of the table (data KB from sp_spaceused)
    If another_large_table is twice as big then it should take twice as long
    Note: Clustered (placement) indexes take much longer as all the data is copied to a new location.

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