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    Unanswered: Compare postcodes

    As I'm sure you will have seen (or developed!), many websites ask for your postcode and will return a result which is say for example the nearest shop to your house or similar.

    Is there a solution for developing something like this in Access using UK postcodes, returning how many road miles are between 2 given postcodes? I would imagine it is a module of some kind?

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    From my impression of those distance calculators, they merely store the latitude and longitude of every zip code in their database. Then, upon calculation, they use a little Pythagorean curved geometry to calculate the distance between two points on a sphere (the earth), like this website for example.

    Now finding a ready-for-download databases with all UK counties will be the trick. I tried searching for one for US codes once, but only found ones that had to be bought.
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    Cheers for your reply - I guess that road distances will not be a million miles away from 'as the crow flies'! Many thanks for your help.

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    Yeah, these databases are out there but they do cost, although not necessarily a lot. I purchased one for US Zipcodes, that included Long/Lats two years ago for about USD25, and I know they also available for GB. They're not free because, obviously, they require a huge amount of research/development time!
    Hope this helps!

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    I think you will find the UK postcodes can be bought from the Post Office / Royal Mail.. you will probably find they are not as cheap as 25USD though.
    in fact it looks like it sgoing to cost a minimum of 150.. and may cost as much as 5k

    there are other sources... but the royal mail owns the copyright, And I cnat imagine they will permit others to undercut them.

    However you may not need to do that much. bearing in mind that the postcode has inherent geographical meaning. In most areas the first group will identify a pretty small area, that doesn't apply in remote rural areas (such as the Highlands & Islands, North Wales). the numeric component of the second group narrows that down further...
    ie All SK10 5 postcodes are closely grouped together, LL65 covers a vast geographical area

    depending on what your app needs you may be able to derive what you want from those elements. if you need detailed calculations then you will need the full post office database.
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