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    Unanswered: Mail notifications for scheduled jobs

    I have a sql server 2000 sp3a box with 4 named instances.

    I have read all of the articles and I cannot get the 'send mail' stuff working.

    I have a mailbox associated with the Domanin account that starts the sql server and sql server agent services. I installed Outlook and created a mail profile for this account. I bounced the SQL server agent on one of the Instances but when I go into the properties for the Agent, on the General Tab, the option to choose a mail profile is GREYED out. I tried 'xp_startmail' and I get this error: xp_startmail: failed with mail error 0x80040111

    can anyone help???????

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    Are you logging on to the server as the account SQL runs under? You will need to be logged onto to the server with the service account in order to set the mail properties in the agent

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    on the wrong server
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    are you sure you have covered all of the basics. does the sql and sql agent services run under a network account that maps to the exchange account you are attempting to use?

    have you attempted to use the outlook client installed on the db server.
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    You've got about 9 months until maintstream support for SQL 2000 ends. Upgrade to SQL 2005 and use the Database Mail feature (a lightweight SMTP client, instead of the clunky MAPI compliant interface).

    In case that is not an option, here are some MS KB articles on SQL 2000 and setting up mail profiles.

    Some CRITICAL things to remember:

    1. Outlook is single-threaded; if it pops an error message at the console, it can and will lock up SQL's job system.

    2. SQL Mail and SQL Agent mail do not have to use the same profile. However, you must set up each profile separately (ie, to use alerts you must set up SQL Agent Mail, to use xp_sendmail you must set up SQL Mail). The two features are set up in different places (SQL Agent mail is set up by right-clicking on SQL Agent and selecting properties; SQL Mail is set up under support services).

    3. You will have to configure SQL Mail/SQL Agent Mail separately for each instance. You might want to consider a separate profile for each. Be careful of the overhead associated with running four MAPI client instances (plus for SQL instances) on the same server.

    Having said all that, I don't really recommed using SQL Agent Mail or SQL mail on a production server. Like I said, upgrade to SQL 2005.


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