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    Unanswered: Running VBA Functions

    I created a number of functions that Insert and update my data. seperately, they work; however, when I try to bring them together using a macro, I get "the expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft Office Access can't find"

    My function is the following:
    Function UpdateFixAction()
    On Error GoTo UpdateFixAction_Err

    DoCmd.RunSQL "Update FIX_FILES INNER JOIN FileNameFix On FIX_FILES.[<<Field>>]=FileNameFix.[<<Field>>]
    SET FIX_FILES.[<<Field>>] = FileNameFix.[<<Field>>]
    WHERE FIX_FILES.[<<Field>>]=FileNameFix.[<<Field>>];"

    Exit Function
    MsgBox Error$
    Resume UpdateFixAction_Exit
    End Function
    Like I said, as a stand alone, it worked; when I tried to have a macro call the function i got the error.

    I new to VBA/Coding, I want to know how to get a Function or Sub to call a Function or sub and a macro to call all Subs and Function.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance

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    You don't need macros. In your subs just enter a: call MyFunctionName(). If you're calling a function in another form verses a module, you may need to change it from Function XXX() to Public Function XXX() or Private sub XXX() to Public sub XXX().
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