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    Unanswered: rtcl node/db configuration files

    When I do the DB2 catalog node command on an AIX box with the DB2 runtime client on it, where are the configurations written too?

    Also, when I do a db2 catalog database, where is that written too?

    On a windows box, it looks like the DB catalogs are stored under sqllib/db2cli.ini. I see the database catalogs in the .ini file, but when I did a search for the node name, I didn't get a hit.

    I am more concerned with the AIX environment, but I'm thinking that the config files are stored with the same names in the same directories in the Windows environment also.



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    db2cli.ini are settings for odbc/cli connections
    the cataloged node/db are saved in sqllib/instancename/SQLDBDIR/SQLDBDIR SQLDBINS or
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