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    Unanswered: Schedule tasks and references

    I have two questions.

    I vaguely remember reading somewhere that you can use outlook to schedule tasks in access. Whether this specifically is possible or not doesn't really matter, what I want to know is if it is possible to have access run a macro at a specific time every night.

    I've encountered a problem where an interface is referencing files associated with different versions of Office because I have 2002 and 2003 on different computers. The way I want it to work is to have all references pointing to 2002 and just copy the Office 10 directory to the computer with 2003. I tried this but found the references to be uncooperative, if I developed something on the 2003 computer it would add to or change the references so I just gave up and put the Office 10 and 11 directories on all the computers. Is this a problem other people have had and is there a better solution?

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    you can get access to wake up at a specific time by using the windows scheduler.. on my XP box thats on
    start | programs | accessories | system tools | scheduled tasks

    you can get access to wake up and do specific things by adding command line switches (to specify which db to use, which workgroup, which procedure or macro).

    you have to design the function to be more fault tolerant.. make valid assumptions, handle errors gracefully, provide feedback in say a log file. but it works.

    what is harder to do is if you want to run several procedures reliant on some stuff outside of access, then access, then outside again.. there is very little inbuilt support for trapping faults and halting the whole procedure if something goes wrong, or reinstating the previous state on failure. granted you can do that by careful choice of tools and techniques but its a lot of work to get a failsafe batch process.

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