I am trying to start the SNMP subagent of db2 on the AIX server.
My environment details are as follows:
AIX 5.3
DB2 8.2

I am following the steps given in the Troble shooting guide.
1. Start DB2.
2. Run snmpd using root.
3. Run db2snmpd

In the step 3, I am getting the error "db2snmpd not found.".

When I search for "db2snmpd" its not available on the box, instead of db2snmpd there is file "db2snmp" in the dir: usr/opt/db2_08_01/cfg/db2snmp

I am giving here the commands o/p for your ready reference:

# ./db2snmpd
ksh: ./db2snmpd: not found.

We are not having the file with name db2snmpd on the server:

# find / -name db2snmpd
# find / -name db2snmp

We have also tried to execute the command db2snmp from the location it is specified. The results are given below:
# ./db2snmp
./db2snmp: [[: not found.
./db2snmp: bsh: 0402-028 Cannot perform a return when not in a function.

Please provide some pointers regarding this.

Thanks in advance.
Amit Kanodia