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    Unanswered: Quick launch 2005 on PC

    Poor me

    I have to share a home PC now so cannot have things my own way. When using my own PC I had SQL Server 2005 dev edition run on start up. Now I am sharing it seems rather churlish to not have it start on demand.
    With 2000 you got a little icon in the taskbar that indicated the status of SQL Server and a quick right click -> start was all you needed to get the little fella up and running. With 2005 you need to go all the way to configuration manager and start it.

    I have four options:
    #1 - a few mouse clicks to start SQL Server via configuration manager (unacceptable - imagine all the wasted time and RSI!)
    #2 - bat file to start SQL Server (ok)
    #3 - more sophisticated little app that shows the status of SQL Server in the taskbar and allows me to start it (nice but a pain to put together)
    #4 - something much spiffier which one of you gurus can let me in on

    I am sat on the edge of my little seat in anticipation
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    Why don't you look at the powershell option in this case, using it is similar to .bat file.
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