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    Unanswered: Font Color

    I have a report that needs to change colors based on a field. If the youth belongs to this Family Service Coordinator, then I want this color. Any suggestions?

    I tried conditional formatting, however this only allows me to change the font color of the family service coordinator. I need the youth that is attached to that family service coordinator's name to change color or be highlighted.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Please show us the code you currently have. It really is a big help.

    I'm thinking you are looking for something like this:
    If FamilyServiceCoordinator = "Jim" Then
      Youth.BackColor = vbBlue
    ElseIf FamilyServiceCoordinator = "Bob" Then
      Youth.BackColor = vbGreen
    ElseIf FamilyServiceCoordinator = "Sue" Then
      Youth.BackColor = vbYellow
    End If

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    You can put anything you want in the Conditional Formatting if you change it to Expression Is. For the youth textbox change it and assuming the data for the Family Service Coordinator is in the Family Service Coordinator field then this should work:

    [Family Service Coordinator]="Jane Doe"

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