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    Question Unanswered: Want to use Ms Access to view MapInfo(GIS) resource

    Dear All,

    This is my second post in this forum. The first posted, I don't have any reply from the members in this forum. So I strongly hope that this second post of my question will get some reply.

    I have a problem that related to the Ms Access and MapInfo(GIS). I want to develop a system that use Ms Access application to view some resources in MapInfo (Map, table ... etc.). But one think that I can not do: is how to communicate between these two applications. I don't know how to connect from Ms Access to MapInfo in order to view map location from GIS. Have anyone help me or have any idea for connecting between these applications? Or you have any document and Ms Access application for me to try..!

    Thanks for help,

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    I use to geocode data from GIS. Both the geocoding and MSAccess tables were on SQL Server. I had an address table which conformed to the geocoding address files and did a match in a query to return the longitude and latitude to the address table which I then used in ArcMap to plot points.
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