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    Unanswered: IRowsetIndex()::Seek in SQL CE

    Dear All,

    I'm working in eVC++3.0 with SQL CE2.0.

    I've developed the application to fetch the data from the mdf file by passing the index field and using the command IRowsetIndex():eek.
    Consider TableExample with Columns A,B,C,D and index Index1 with column A and Index2 with column B,C,D.
    Its working fine when index1 is passed for the indexvalue.But when i pass index2 of the same table,its throwing the error as BADINDEX.

    I'm passing the correct keyvalues in the Seek command also.

    Kindly help me in this regard.


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    We've found out the solution for this probelm where we created a seperate accessor for the index columns and used that accessor for the Seek method() and not the table's own accessor.

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