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    Unanswered: Access ate my code!

    Whenever I see a post with this title, I've always thought - "sure it did".

    Well now it appears to have happened to me.

    I put Access 2003 on my wife's computer. She needed a small database for tracking attendance and such, of all the tricycle motors at her Sunday School class. The form didn't really need much coding, but of course I had to put some bells and whistles in there.

    I got into the db last night to put the finishing touches on the form, and noticed it wouldn't let me into the form's module. I could see modules for other forms, but this one was locked down. I tried compact/repair, downloading updates from MS, and importing everything into a new DB.
    When I imported to a new DB, I got an error message - "There is already an object named MasterAttendance". It imported the form anyway, but still didn't let me see the code.

    It wasn't a big deal, I only lost about 1 hours code, but I'd still like to know the cause.

    Any Ideas?

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    Check out this post in the code bank. It's all I can suggest.
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