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    Unanswered: product image database and paypal

    I am need of some kind of direction/guidance if you will in attempting to create one database that the owner is able to read and write from that will serve the needs of two sites he owns. One page on each site will sell various products. I am looking for a solution that he will be able to manage locally add/deleting product images as well as assigning PayPal buttons to them and the ability to manipulate data associated with those buttons.

    Any help is appreciated


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    Are you looking for a PHP/MySQL package solution, or are you looking to do the work yourself? Have you got a specification about what product information your client wishes to store/search? Creating the database should be easy enough. I'm guessing you're probably looking at creating a "store", whereby customers are able to purchase direct?

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    Thanks for your reply and willingness to answer some probably very basic questions as my strengths are in design and not so much programming.

    I would rather use a PHP/MySQL solution instead of starting from ground zero.

    As far as product information they will all be housed under different categories and all they need data wise associated with these is product description and the ability to edit data as it relates to probably some sort of PayPal button.
    Yes, I am looking at a situation where customers purchase direct.
    I am looking for something relatively user friendly in regards to their usage and my set up and somewhat inexpensive. This will not be a full blown e-commerce site. It doesn't need to have a lot of bells and whistles - just want it to where they can add/delete product images and again change any data as it relates to description and pricing and when uploaded/saved have that data be 'married' it's corresponding product image.

    Oh yeah...just need one database that serves the needs of a merchandise on two different sites. Each site will have a 'Merchandise' page

    Hope all that makes sense.

    Thanks for your help

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