I have acquired a collection of vintage database software and development tools that I'll never use, so I have decided to offer them to the readers of this board. The rules are simple; ask any questions you'd like and make an offer on anything you're interested in. Here's the list:

Clipper / dBASE

Ashton-Tate dBASE III Plus (box, manuals)
Ashton-Tate dBASE IV 1.5 (box, manuals)
Ashton-Tate dBASE IV 2.0 (manuals)
Computer Associates CA-Clipper 5.3 (boxed set, 3.5" disks)
Computer Associates CA-Visual Objects 1.0 (boxed set, 3.5" disks)
dataBased Intelligence dBASE 2000 (slipcase, manual)
Nantucket Clipper 5.01 Update (5.25" disks)

Clipper / dBASE Add-Ons

AppSolutions Class(y) 2.0 (manual, 3.5" disk)
Blink, Inc. Blinker 1.11 (manual, 5.25" disk)
Blink, Inc. Blinker 1.3 Update (5.25" disk)
Blink, Inc. Blinker 3.0 (slipcase, manual)
Data Base Designs dBdBAK (manual, 5.25" disk)
Data Base Designs dBdGET (manual, 5.25" disk)
Data Base Designs dBdBSCRL (manual, 5.25" disk)
dLESKO Associates FUNCky Library (slipcase, manual, 5.25" disks)
Extrasensory Software Telepathy (manual, 3.5" disk)
Extrasensory Software Faxual II (manual, 3.5" disk)
Ganahl Software FlexFile II (binder, 3.5" disk)
Ganahl Software FlexFile II (manual, 3.5" disk)
SolutionSystems BRIEF 3.1 (3.5" disks)
SolutionSystems dBRIEF 3.1 (3.5" disks)
SuccessWare Six Driver 1.? (3.5" and 5.25" disks)
SuccessWare Six Driver 1.11 (3.5" disk)
SuccessWare Six Driver 1.5 (3.5" disk)
SuccessWare Six Driver 2.0 (manual)
SuccessWare Six Driver 3.0 (jewelcase, 3.5" disk)
The Programmer's Desk Frankie 2.1 (5.25" disks)
Zachary Software The Software Machine (3.5" disks)


GSE UltimADE (manuals, 3.5: disks)
Multiedit Software Multi-Edit 5.01 (manual, 3.5" disk)
Multiedit Software Multi-Edit 6.00a (manual, 5.25" disk)
Multiedit Software Evolve 1.00 (manual, 3.5" disk)
Multiedit Software Evolve 5.1 (manual, 3.5" disk)
TeraTech Dazzle/VB 2.0 (manual, 3.5" disk)
The Laser Edge VP/BASE (manual, 5.25" disk)
Tools & Techniques Data Junction (manual, 3.5" disks)