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    Unanswered: Query pervasive 9 from Mac OS X

    Good morning,

    I have an accounting system (AccPac Plus) using Pervasive 9 on windows machine that I am trying to query from my mac os x web server. My mac is running apache and a middleware program called Lasso Professional. Lasso supports both jdbc and odbc, but I have not been able to make anything work. Does anybody have some advise on how I can go about making this work?

    I have been successful using odbc from excel on a WINDOWS machine, just haven't been able to make the mac thing work. I have downloaded the three jdbc drivers to the mac and tried them, but still can't connect.



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    The only way you can use MacOS with Pervasive would be through JDBC.
    If you're trying it, what error are you getting?
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    Pervasive and Mac

    Good morning, yes...I am trying with the Pervasive JDBC jar files. So, here is where I am. I HAVE been successful with the mac, just not with the program I want. I have been able to query my pervasive DB from a program called RazorSQL....very easy and the Razor tech support was great.

    However, I am am trying to create my pervasive DB as a datasource on my mac webserver using Lasso Professional. Doubting that you have heard of lasso, it DOES support JDBC, but for some reason, I can't get it configured right and am getting the following error when I try to use the jdbc drivers on the lasso server:

    [08/01/07 07:51:41] Could not load ObjectFactory class: com.pervasive.jdbc.JDBC_VERSION.DataSourceFactory
    [08/01/07 07:51:41] Properties: {}
    [08/01/07 07:51:41] Exception in NamingManager.getObjectInstance:
    [08/01/07 07:51:41] Could not create new Host:

    It is always the object factory class that can't load....

    any ideas?


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