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    Question Unanswered: processing comma-delimited strings (redux)


    I have no trouble converting a comma-delimited string of values into multiple records, bur have recently encountered a problem that's giving me a headache - hopefully someone on the forum already has some experience doing this task:

    create table tester (col1 int, col2 varchar(1000), col2 varchar(1000))
    insert into tester values(1, '1,3,5,7', 'a,c,e,g,')
    insert into tester values(2, '11,13,15,17', 'aa,ac,ae,ag,')

    There is no correlation between rows, but between the 2 varchar columns is a positional relationship - in the first record, the '1' in col2 relates to the 'a' in col 3, same for the '3' and 'c', on and on. The values within each of the comma-delimited strings of the 2 columns are positionally related. Say they could be time and temperature values, with a string of time values in col1 and a string of related temps in col2. This is data from an external system that I have no control over, but must load the data into my system

    I need to write a select statement that will return the contents like so:

    1, 1, a
    1, 3, c
    1, 5, e
    1, 7, g
    2, 11, aa
    2, 13, ac
    2, 15, ae
    2, 17, ag

    Has anyone encountered such as this? Any clues or code snippets?

    Thanks for any ideas,


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    What split function do you use? If it uses a tally table you could return the numbers and link on those.
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    your "relationships" are based on what value or meaning does that infer??????

    what the hell....use a cursor

    actually a simple loop and udf will do

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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