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    Unanswered: database encryption


    i want to encrypt my database(sql server2005) fully. Can anyone suggest me any third party tool or any other method.

    Please its urgent.

    Thanx in advance

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    What do you mean encrypt the database? Encrypt a backup of the database? Because you can backup "with password = 'xxx'"

    Checkout redgate sql tools, they have some good stuff.

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    RSA bsafe might be one consideration but they need you alter your applications and possibly the schema/db objects benefit is it can be column/row level encrypt. If you just want to achieve security compliance, storage/file encryption is perhaps a better option. At least you save time for 2nd development. brocade has a FC-SAN switch supporting encryption. if your db (sqlserver?) is not on SAN you might go and take a look at bloombase or safenet.

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