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    Unanswered: 9.5 OLEDB via Delphi W3odbcei.dll error

    Faulting application ntdbsmgr.exe, version, faulting module w3odbcei.dll, version, fault address 0x0015829f.

    We recently updated a client to SP2/9.5 Pervasive

    Win2003 Server, Mixed clients

    We have an application that generates data for a Crystal 10 report by calling
    Step 1) Pervasive Stored Procedure
    Step 2) Access Stored Procedure

    I haven't had any issues running this application on their Terminal Server, but when some of the users run it, it seems to hang the Pervasive Services on the server, requiring a restart of the services. The services don't fail or stop, but a restart seems to resolve the issue.

    Looking at the Server Event Viewer for Application, I can find an error message coinciding with the issue, but have been unable to find any related issues or other details anywhere as of yet. Anyone out there have any ideas? Thanks for any insight.
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    What's different about the users where it runs and the users where it hangs? Are they issuing exactly the same query?
    Is there anything in the PVSW.LOG file on the client or the server?
    WHat happens if you run the query outside the application? Does it hang?
    Is CPU usage spiked when the query runs?
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    Differences And Info

    Works fine in PCC, CPU usage, at least on my TS connection, barely spikes at all.
    Exact same query, exact same everything as far as the interaction goes.

    I'm trying to get User OS details at the moment

    As far as the users, there are three that are attempting/sometimes successfully to run. I have a connection to a Terminal Server at their site and most of the time I have no issue executing. Other times, the connection will fail and not even make it to the execution point of the stored procedure (unable to connect to database XXX as seen below), at which point the rest of the applications in use there that are connecting to PVSW start receiving 3014 errors, at which point the services are manually restarted to correct. All seems to coincide with the "unable to connect to database 'paiTHM'" error received in this application. When the error does occur, message is reproducable via windows "ODBC Manager" as expected. Same intermittentness from all three machines and users involved, no direct cause/problem known yet.

    The application receives a 'unable to connect to database 'paiTHM' (which is the DSN name) whenever we fail, which corresponds to the log entries for the errors. All The pvsw.log (client and server both) show nothing about the errors, everything I have found so far has been through the event viewer on the server.

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    same problem

    we get similar message in the event log.
    Faulting application ntdbsmgr.exe, version, faulting module w3odbcei.dll, version, fault address 0x00045d70

    Service on the server seam to hang. After Resart of the services every thing continues properly.
    May you give me some hints where to look and/or how to solve?

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