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    Question Unanswered: Getting Error on Form: Cannot add or change - required in tbl_XXX

    I have seen this error before but not for sometime.

    I thought I had everything set up correctly in my relationships.

    Can someone look at this and tell me what I have done wrong.

    I have form that opens up. The clerk will select The Hub > The Customer > Enter the date doing this > Number of Packages Sampled > (Then if any discrepencies will list the Parcel ID, Zip Code, If it is a Standard A or Standard B and the weight in the subform.

    This db has 4 tables:
    CustomerID > AutoNmbr > PK
    CustomerName > Text
    HubID > Number > FK to tbl_Hubs

    HubID > AutoNmbr > PK
    HubCode > Number
    HubName > Text

    EntryID > AutoNmbr > PK
    Date > Date/Time
    Qty_Packages > Nmbr
    CustomerID > Number > FK to tbl_Customer

    PID > AutoNumber > PK
    EntryID > Number > FK to tbl_DataEntry
    ParcelID > Text
    ZipCode > Text
    IndiciaA > Yes/No
    IndiciaB > Yes/No
    Weight > Number > Double

    These will then post to the proper tables.

    Any help with this would be great.
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    Is there anyone that can help me with this? I have posted this on 3 different sites in the last 2 days and it seems like this question or issue gets bypassed/ignored.

    I am looking for any help on what I may have done wrong.

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    Probably because you aren't saying where the error is. My guess would be that check your queries that this form is on, maybe something got changed.
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    The reason I didn't reply, although I downloaded it and unzipped it, and played with it, is because you blocked all the menus, etc., and I have a limited amount of time to play with it. Maybe if you open all the menus, and make everything available, someone will have a much easier time of troubleshooting.


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    I'm taking a quess here and stabbing in the dark as you didn't really specify the error you get or where you get it, but your subform is linked to the main form by EntryID but you don't have an EntryID field on your main form (USPS Customer Audits). Is that possibly the problem?

    Could you please relate what error you are getting and where you get it?

    It was difficult to diagnose without this information. Also, should this: Me.cbo_CUSTOMER = Null be this: Me!cbo_CUSTOMER = Null? Again, stabbing in the dark.
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