Hey community peoples!

I guess I'll keep it short... I've been thinking about it for a while and well, I'd like to "apply" to be a moderator on this site.

Paul started his thread with what skills/expertise he has, so I guess I should follow suit;
I've not been in the IT business long, but I feel I have learnt a heck of a lot in this space of time, which I try and pass on to others (mainly through contributing to this site). When it comes to computing, databases is where my heart lies (a colleague turned to me the other day in fact and said: "You love your SQL don't you?" !!) and I'm happy to admit that my knowledge in this area is still in its infancy. The passion* I have for this subject is always pushing me to learn - so I spend a lot of time lurking in these forums learning and trying my best to contribute when I can.

*Oh dear, I used the word passion... Makes it sound like a personal statement!!

Err, what else... Access... Access was my first "database" exposure, and I loved it. I don't often get a chance to dabble in Access but this site gives me plenty of opportunities to have a go! Because I've been programming in Access for nearly 3 years now, that is where my confidence lies - so it's also where I post most often!

It was mentioned to me a while back (by Poots?) that some may see longevity as an issue, because I've not been a member for as long as most; but I have no plans on stopping my frequents here!

The big question - "why?"
Why do I want to be a moderator? To help out more, and that's really it!

Thanks for reading,
George V.