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Maryland Updated Businesses Database 01/07

This business database is available for immediate download and contains updated business listings for all Maryland businesses that filed changes of demographic, location or contact information for the month of January 2007. Complete Maryland marketing information is available for each of the businesses in this website content database. This Maryland download database can be purchased as a single item using the links provided or you can subscribe to our Updated Businesses Database Service.

Businesses in Maryland continued to have increased growth during 2006. By the second quarter of 2006, nearly 40,000 jobs were added in the state. While the growth rate of 1.5 percent was lower than the first quarter of the year, it was still higher than the national average. The best months of job growth for Maryland were July and August. The growth rate for businesses in Maryland have continued to surpass many states within the U.S. Much of the job growth in this state is directly connected to the growth that was experienced in Washington DC. Some of the businesses which have experienced the most growth are those that are connected to the service sector or research and development.

While the unemployment rate in this state increased to 4.1 percent during August, it was still much lower than the average for the United States. By the end of August, employment opportunities in Maryland increased to beyond 60,000. It should also be noted that the real estate industry has experienced a deceleration in growth. This deceleration is much faster than the national average. For the most part, jobs in the real estate industry have played an important role in the growth of the state. Over the last five years, real estate has played a role in over 20% of the employment growth throughout the state.

It should be emphasized that real estate accounts for almost 10% of the workforce population. The housing market has transformed from a seller based industry into one that is geared towards buyers. It should also be emphasized that the rental market has become much tighter. The sale of single family homes declined in 2006, but the inventory for homes have greatly increased. While the appreciation for homes in Maryland is much higher than the U.S. average, it still experienced a decline in 2006.

The decrease of housing in Maryland has effected the rental market. The rental rates for apartments have continued to increase. Because of the increased cost of apartments, the vacancy rate in Maryland remained very low, the lowest rate in 10 years. The performance of the banking industry remained high during 2006. While the return on assets was only 0.83% during the first quarter, it rose to 0.91 percent by the end of the second quarter. Because of the increased cost of funding, many financial institutions have begun using assets that give them higher yields.

Government related jobs accounting for sizeable percentage of employment during 2006. In addition to this, the performance of loans continued to do well, bringing significant profits to the banking and loan industry. The past due ratio was exceptionally low. While this ratio was 0.81 percent in 2005, it fell to 0.79 percent in 2006. This also means that Maryland is much lower than the national average, which sits at approximately 1.27%. Overall, Maryland is a state that remained stable during 2006. Business growth in field such as research and development have continued to make the state more popular.

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