HI there

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\SqlSetup0002.cab

well i tried to install sql server 2005 developer edition in one of my cvlient computers so thats i can attach database;s to this server and do plan maintainance on the main server

The prob is i have tried installing sql server 2005 default instance .And wen i tried doing that it was showing reporting services error message and also warning in required hardware . somehow its getting completed but on completing it was showing sql server isn't installed

Strangely its is diaplayed in start menu and wen i try to connect it to the main database server its connnecting and wen i try to connect to the local server using windows or sa account it was stating error 26 "error locating instance/server

prior to this we had sql server express edition whic i uninstalled before installing sql server developer edition

Please suggest some changes
thnx in advance