Hi Guys

I'm looking to generate Rebuild Script for a small Data Mart & Reporting Srvices site I've Created & it's essentialy the Schema, objects & jobs I need to save as the Data can be rebuilt.

I have no idea how to Backup the Web Site

Running 2005 Enterprise SP2 - Basic -3 User DB's, Reporting Services, Jobs, Schedules etc, No SSIS or Analysis Services

How can I Backup ALL Agent Jobs in one go ? apparently pressing F7 with a Job Selected and then selecting Script All Jobs does'nt work in SP2.

I'm looking for the easiest way for me and the most reliable way for them to rebuild this instance (If possible including Reporting Services) in case of a catastrophic.

Either way I've finished this Contract & the Co has decided it will no longer recruit a full time DBA/Developer (I've taken them from Zero to more than they need with Reporting Services in my 6 mths as an interim)

Any help much appreciated.