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    Im looking for a program?

    Can anyone help? I have produced a couple of hundred “How To” manuals in PDF format. Now I want to put them onto a disc to enable me to sell them. What I need is a program that I can put my PDF files into that will auto run. I want to list the files that at a click will expand showing all the sub files.

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    I take it since this is posted in the MSAccess forum, you're looking for an MSAccess solution.

    Here's a program I made to help me with a bunch of Word, Excel, and other MSAccess files on a specific drive. The goal was to create some kind of menu system where a user could quickly search for and find a specific file on the drive and then click on it and launch it. The table can be repopulated for pdf files if you think this program will help any. Of course you'd probably want to change the looks.

    But this requires MSAccess to be installed on the user's computer, you might be looking for visual basic code where you can create a .exe program which doesn't require MSAccess (that's why I'm wondering why this is posted in the MSAccess forum.)

    Note: Use the shift key when opening the mdb file as I use some code to get rid of the MSAccess information when the Public Health Main Menu form opens. This way only the form opens and it doesn't look like it's an access application. If you want to try it, repopoulate the table via the PopulateTable form.

    As far as the auto-running for the cd, you need to create an Autorun.inf file to put on the cd which automatically launches whatever menu you might have. Research Autorun.inf on specifics to do this.

    You might then want to create one cd with all your pdf files, create your menu system pointing to all the cd files (possibly using the UNC path), and then use that Menu with the 2nd cd you create also with the pdf files and the Autorun.inf file. To me it almost sounds like you want to create a pdf "Menu" to launch the other pdf files which you would create as a pdf file.

    Again, I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I thought I'd send it anyway.
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    Thank you so much Paul, your kindness is really appreciated, bless you.
    Since I posted this question someone suggested a PDF Viewer that I could snap my manuals to. The problem is I know nothing about PDF Viewers, what are they and how much are they and from who?

    As I understand it, I load all the manuals onto a disc with this “Viewer” the recipient clicks on run or something and up pops a window split in two, on the left hand side the manufacturers are listed, when you click on a manufacturer it expands showing all the models from that manufacturer, click on one of these models and the appropriate manual appears in the right hand window to be scrolled through or printed off.

    All I have to do now is find this reader and its supplier, if such an animal exists. It really sounds to be the answer to my prayers. If you have any knowledge your input will greatly appreciated. Once again thanks for your help so far

    Kind Regards

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    I don't think, given the last post, this has anything to do with Access. Moving to Tools & Apps forum.
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    Whoops, Sorry, Have I commited a Cardinal Sin. Sorry. I dont know my way around I'm afraid. Not intentional.

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