Turbovps offering special VPS Plans.
We gurarantee dedicated resource on each VPS Plan which means NO OVERSELLING.

Turbo V2 Special 20GB Disk 256D/512B RAM 200GB BW $15.99pm or $160PA =$13.32pm
Turbo V6 Special 25GB Disk 384D/768B RAM 300GB BW $21.99pm or $220PA=$18.32pm
Turbov V9 Special40GB Disk 512D/1024B RAM 400GB BW $39.99pm or $400PA=$33.33pm
Turbo V12 Special80GB Disk 1024D/2048B RAM 800GB BW $69.99pm or $700PA=$58.33PM
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D=Dedicated RAM
B=Burstable RAM

All our servers are RAID enabled.
All VPS's are backed up on backup Server Node running www.r1soft.com backup software.

If you don't see what you looking for then contact us.

Hardware Node
Dual Xeon 3.0ghz (Dual Core) / 8Gigs RAM / 3Ware RAID

Level 3 Premium Network (No Cogent)
Daily backups
Extra IP : 1 IP/ $1.5pm or 5IP for $5pm
Extra Bandwidth: $0.25 per Gb
Reverse DNS
Network Statistics (MRTG)
100 Meg Full Duplex Connections
Redundant BGP Network with Level3 Communications
99.9% uptime
UPS Backup/generator standby
Port Monitoring by www.pingdom.com
Virtualization using OpenVZ
VPS control panel by www.hypervm.com
Control Panel available:
Lxadmin Free
ServerCP Free
DirectAdmin $7.5pm or $59 onetime
Cpanel $15pm

Features of our VPS control panel www.hypervm.com .
You can Stop/Start/reboot/OsReinstall/Backup your VPS.
You can reinstall Operating systems from your control panel.

Operating Systems Available

CentOS 4.X 5.X
Debian 3.1
Fedora 3.X
Fedora 4.X
OpenSuse 10
Suse 9.3

IRC is not allowed.
No Spamming
Adult legal allowed
Streaming allowed

Payments: Paypal (Verified members only)/MoneyBookers/Bank Transfer/Western Union (Some cases where paypal not accepted)
We may do Telephonic verfication before accepting your order.
Money back Guarantee for 48 hours.
Virtualization technology we support: OpenVz, Xen and Vmware

Backup Solutions running www.r1soft.com

Browser based backup solution. Can do bare metal restore in case of hardware failure.
100gb for $25
250gb for $60
500gb for $100

Free Directi Domain Reseller Account

USD 7.25 - .COM .NET
USD 7.25 - .BIZ
USD 8.50 - .eu
USD 7.25 - .co.uk
USD 7.25 - .us
USD 7.25 - .org
USD 7.25 - .info
USD 7.25 - .name

We can offer White Label plans. Fully anonymous services which you can sell at your price.
If you have any questions then please contact us.

Thanks for your time.