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    Unanswered: performing a spatial query


    I want to generate a spatial query using Oracle Locator and I do not have any clue how to solve this task. I have checked the Locator documentation but could not find much helpful information.

    I have three tables. One table defines a polygon. The other table contains point locations of vehicles and the the third table assigns vehicles to the defined Polygon. With a spatial query I should find out if and when a vehicle has left its assigned area.

    the tables are defined_area (defines the area where the vehicle shall work):

    da_id (ID of a polygon)
    da_date (date)
    da_shape (sdo_geometry of a polygon)

    vehicle_location (gives the information where and when which vehicle was):

    vl_id (ID of the vehicle)
    vl_date (datetime)
    vl_location (sdo_geometry of a point location)

    vehicle_coordination (a vehicle is assigned to an defined area):
    vc_vhid (ID of the vehicle)
    vc_date (date)
    da_id (defined area ID)

    OS: Windows XP
    Oralce Version: 10g Express Edition Release

    The query result shall contain the Vehicle ID and the datetime when a vehicle has left its assigned area.
    I am thankfull for every help I can get on that task!

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    No Operating System name or version.
    No Oracle version to 4 decimal places.
    No code formatting (see #1 STICKY post above)
    No DDL.
    No error message.
    No help. [You're On Your Own (YOYO)!]
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    OS: Windows XP
    Oralce Version: 10g Express Edition Release

    I have following statement that comes close to what I need. But in this case I am only able to derive the locations outside an defined area for each vehicle seperately. But I want to know all the postions from all vehicles outside the defined area at a certain day.

    SELECT b.vl_id cv_vhid, a.da_date vc_date, a.da_id
    FROM defined_area a, vehicle_location b
    WHERE a.da_date = TRUNC(b.vl_data)
    AND SDO_ANYINTERACT(a.da_shape, b.vl_location) != 'TRUE' AND (da_id) = 5 AND (b.vl_id) = 7;

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