I need to make a job that will update up to 8000 rows with the list description of 'berkhold' to 'berknew' in SQL 2000. This is something that I have to do with several projects manually every day by doing the following 2 steps.

SELECT ListDescription, CRRecordID
FROM dbo_BerkleyGroupInventory
WHERE ListDescription ="BerkHold" AND CRCallDateTime<'1/1/2003' AND CRCallResultCode ='CC'

I then scroll to the 8000th row and copy the CrrecordID and run the following query

UPDATE dbo.berkleygroupinventory
SET listdescription ='berknew'
WHERE ListDescription ='BerkHold' AND CRRecordID <=5968432 AND CRCallDateTime ='1/1/2003' AND CRCallResultCode='CC'

I'm sure there's an easier way to do this, but I'm very new to SQL and haven't figured it out yet