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    Unanswered: can a form create several records (was "Help!")

    I need a hand with a project I am curently running. Access isn't my forte, but I'm just savvy enough that with somehelp I may be able to pull this off.

    I am creating a system to house training attendance records I have a tbl that houses the session name, date, time, and uses the employee id.

    What I need to do is create a form where I can set the default information for the session, enter all the participants and have each participant show up as an individual record. The way its built now, the facilitator can enter each participant as separate record, but they ahve to enter the session information over and over each time for each participant..

    I guess what i am asking is.. any way to put infor into a form one time and h ave it create several records?

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    I have developed something similar where supervisors can nominate staff for courses.

    On a form I have the following.The user select a course from a list in a drop down box. The selects a name from the staff drop down list, click on the ADD Nomination button and coding behind the button add the details leaving the Course still set ready for the next entry.

    In your case the user would select a session name, enter the date, enter the time, and then selects the employee id. After selecting the employee click on the Add Record button the record would be added the session name date and time would still be set. The user would then select another name, click on the Add Record Button and continue this process to all employees have been entered.

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    What you need is a two-table suite. tblSessions contains
    SessID (the primary key),SessName,SessDesc,etc (such as days, times, or whathaveyou).
    tblParticipants contains
    SessID (foreign key), PLastName, PFirstName, etc (such as more demographics, seat number)

    In the relationships screen, set a one-to-many relationship between the two tables, with tblSessions on the left side/"one" side. Accept the default relationship (where both are equal).

    You don't even need a form for this, if you don't want one. Open tblSessions, locate the desired session, click the plus sign (+), a blank detail record appears (along with the records that are already in the table) and you can read/add records as needed. The session id already appears in the detail record, you don't even need to add it. If you're adding a new session, click the + after you add it, and add any details as needed.

    If you do want a form, use a master/child form/subform scheme, with tblSessions the master/form, and tblParticipants the child/subform. Use the subform wizard to create it. When you add a new session in the master, a blank record appears in the subform for you to add the appropriate details. If you browse old sessions, child records appear automatically in the subform.


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