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    Unanswered: VB Program-Upload Access records to Sql Server

    Hello folks this is my first post so be helpful, polite and friendly

    I have someone working for me who is using an Access Database front end. He does the work which involves editing records in a location where he does not have an internet connection. So I can't use Linked Tables or an Access project.(adp)

    I need (I think) an executible program which could be installed on his computer so that each night when he comes home and does have internet access, he could upload the finished records to the SQL server database which is the backend to my dynamic website. He is not computer savvy and I want to make this as simple as possible for him.... Like clicking on a icon

    I know this is not complicated. I don't have a problem writing the sql statements, but I am not comfortable with the VB.

    Here's what I need:
    Basicaly to break down the steps which I will need to code into simple steps.
    1)create connection string
    2)SELECT id, name, comments, publish_ind
    INTO publish_sql_server
    FROM publish_access
    WHERE publish_ind ='Y'
    3)do something with the error messages coming from inserting records which have already been inserted which violates the primary key(id)

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You~!!!!

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    I would suggest taking a look at the ADO Tutorial over at our sister site - XtremeVBTalk.

    The thrust of this tutorial is retrieval and update of data from a database. In addition to retrieval, you would be interested in using the ado connection.execute method to send ad hoc SQL statements to the server, or better yet (more secure, anyway) use the ado command object to interface to stored procedures on the server.

    for security's sake, I would certainly recommend that you limit direct access to tables from outside; instead, update the tables using stored procedures only, and view the data using views.
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