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Thread: OLE Automation

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    Angry Unanswered: OLE Automation

    Trying to automate the embed of word docs. Using the following code which worked for me in Acess 2k but is not working in 2003. Any suggestions?

    Private Sub cmd_Insert_DOC_Click()
    On Error GoTo errhand2

    Dim arbc As String
    Dim iss As String

    arbc = Me![Arb_Counter].Value
    iss = "c:\FILES\Issue" & arbc & ".DOC"

    Debug.Print fname

    Decision.SourceDoc = fname
    Decision.Action = OLe_Create_embed

    Debug.Print Err
    Resume Next
    End Sub

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    What happens when you run this code? Nothing? Error message? Something, but not everything? Where is Decision defined. What is Decision? I don't have 2003, so if Decision is new to 2003, I've never heard of it before.

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