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    Question Unanswered: What risk means have a database with three schemes and with 1 processor

    Hi everybody,

    I work in Audit and I want know:

    - Whaht risk means have one database with three scheme for 1 server with a single processor (3.4 Ghz Dual Core). Actually exist around 400 user for this database. (The server have 4 GB RAM)

    - If not a best practice work this way, What could recommend me?

    Thank for help me

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    There's no possible way to answer this - it all depends on what you really want to know and how your application works

    having x number of schemas does not relate to performance...
    having 400 users doesn't mean anything...
    (how many users are actually active at one time? how busy are they? how much work is the application doing?)

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    I want know if exist some risk work with 3 schemes when only have 1 processor... if does not related with performance, then it's ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by esfmilo
    I want know if exist some risk work with 3 schemes when only have 1 processor
    (don't forget that not long ago not even servers had more than one processor!)

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    Whether the system 1 processor or 8 processors they don't know about or care about the number of schemas; whether 1 or 10000.

    Asking about risk in relation to number of processsors or number of schemas is like me asking you, "which has more risk red or salt"?
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