Does anyone know which driver I need to use to open a dbase file that does NOT have an extention of ".dbf"?

I have a folder full of dbase files that are named 1.env,1.pha,1.btr, etc... These are all dbase files and I can open them fine using oleDB driver, but I have to rename each one to ".dbf" first and since they have the same filename "1" for instance I can only rename one at a time then I have to name it back to what it was before I can rename and open the next one.

So is there any driver out there that can open and read a dbase file that may have a different extention than ".dbf"?

I found this article on the Microsoft website about "How to Open dBASE Table with Nonstandard File Extension" It suggests using a "#" sign insted of the normal "." for the file extension. Such as 123#ENV, however I am still getting the same error using the # sign.

The code in this article was made using VB3.0 which I know nothing about, but maybe somone here does and can give me some insight into how to get this working.

Here is the article.

Thanks for the help!