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    Unanswered: How to cancel a running operation


    I've the following question:

    How can I cancel a running operation, for example a select statement, stored procedure, ... ?
    It should be done by a client, which sends the request after a user clicked a button.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    How did you create a front-end application? Is it a Forms Builder? If so, I'm not sure you can do that (other than asking your DBA to kill the process or, alternatively, you could terminate Forms session by yourself and start over).

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    It gets more difficult if you are using some kind of middle-tier software (like Application Server, Tomcat, etc...) which establish a pool of connections to manage the user requests.

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    Actually I'm using an Application Server...

    The front end application is made via j2ee

    Tools like Golden and PLEdit can cancel the operation somehow...
    So there is no real chance to do so, hm?

    Looks like I need to cancel the operation for the client only and let the server go on. So at least the user can continue the work...

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