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    I have a database that tracks moneys charged (what money was taken and what it was for). Now I've had to add a new field to track - but when I check the form where I have the data totalling, the new field is empty and causing the data not to total. If I enter $0.00, or just click in the field and tab out of it, it fixes the problem, and the numbers total the way they're supposed to . The problem is, that I have over 4000 records and do not have the time to go through every record to click in the field to make it populate the $0.00. Also, there are some rows of data that have an actual number tracked in the new field, which we don't want to loose.

    So, what I'm trying to do, is create an update query that will acknowledge if there's a number in the field, and if there is, leave that number alone... but if there isn't a number in the field, put the number 0.00.

    Attached is what I have so far... but it's not working. Any asssistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    UPDATE tracking
    SET [Simcoe DC] = 0
    WHERE [Simcoe DC] IS NULL
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    It works!

    Your the best! thanks!

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