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    Unanswered: Combo Box/Text Inputs in a form. One Controlling the Other

    I am writing a database to capture performance records from our classroom training. We have an existing one that is far too manual and while I appreciate the previous training managers effort.. its not an effective way of doing business. My goal is to recreate the forms and data input flows.

    Here is my problem...

    I have three tables

    tblTrainee - Contains personal data on trainees, emp id, hire date, name, etc
    tblclass- Contains a list of all new hire class, class id, start date, trainer, etc
    tblperformance- contains emp id, testing scores

    The form I want to create would work like this:

    The Trainer could enter the Class ID in the text box and click a button. A combo box would appear with a list of all trainees assigned to the class. In a sub form, fields tied to the testing results tables would there for the trainer to enter testing and monitoring scores.

    Is this possible? am I thinking about this the wrong way?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    One suggestion (but what until you get more from others)...
    Step 1:
    Establish a new record (ClassID) in that table filling out any informations in the other fields.
    Step 2:
    Use a continuous subform or a listbox (with code to loop through the values and write to the table) to select students where the ClassID is written in that table with each student.
    Step 3 (I was a little confused on this) but you can have tblperformance linked to tblClass by ClassID OR have another table which ties the tblTrainee together with the tblperformance ID field. Since tblTrainiee is tied to tblClass, tblperformance would be tied to tblClass via this new table and via the tbltrainee I wasn't sure on this part from your explanation
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