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    Unanswered: Matching on similar/equivalent fields between two tables

    Hello, thank you for your attention in advance.

    This seems like a simple problem, but I cannot find a simple solution.

    Two Tables,

    T1 (Table 1) Long list of company names, entered inconsistently
    T2 (Table 2) Short list of company names, unique

    I would like to match based on equivalence between T1 & T2, and display or update T1 with equivalently matched data from T2.


    W Fargo
    Bank of Amer.

    AT & T
    Wells Fargo
    Bank of America

    Desired results are a new column in T1, with normalized naming as follows:

    T1-Original Column-----T1-Additional/Results Column
    ATT--------------------AT & T
    WELLSFARGO-----------Wells Fargo
    BANKOFAMER-----------Bank of America
    WellsF-----------------Wells Fargo
    W Fargo---------------Wells Fargo
    Bank of Amer.----------Bank of America

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    Sorry fella. Unless someone knows of something really cunning you will need to associate this manually.

    You might be able to use a soundex algorithm that will short cut a lot of the donkey work but I would expect anything we come up with to have stuff "fall through the gaps". A really simple start would be to replace all non alpha characters (" ", ".") with a "*" and do a like comparrison. You could also create a vb UDF to parse the input string (the column entries from T1) and add a "*" before every capitalised letter that is preceded with a lower case letter too.

    Are you hoping to do this at run time or are you intending to clean the data?
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    Thank you Pootle. Yeah, after researching this, there does not seem to be a simple solution. My intent was to update a new column with company names that matched.

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