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    Unanswered: please help me enumerate the tiggers on activating the page cleaner

    Dear All

    I have searched the internet a lot ,not find the exactly tiggers on activating the page cleaner. the only triggers i kown are :

    1、on database being deactivated.
    2、on all applications disconnected.
    3、on online-backup finished.

    I can not figure out any other triggers,but I think there should be some others that i ignored.


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    Page cleaning happens in the normal course of database activity when certain threasholds are reached, such as the percentage of dirty pages in the bufferpool. The actual algorithm is fairly complex and can be affected by some db parms and environment variables.

    But regarding other specific events that might occur, the "set write suspend" command should be included, and "maybe" the quiesce command.
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    thks a lot

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