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    Unanswered: Oracle Database 9i to 10g


    We have Oracle 9i in my company, and I am thinking to upgrade it to 10g,
    I want to make the upgrade in a test machine before applying it to the main database server.

    What should I do, what manuals should I read, all information Plz

    If there is a risk of doing such thing, waht are alternatives? For example, We already have Toad connected to the database, and I can view all the data from it, but strang!!! I cannot insert or update any record in any table through Toad although I connect as SYSDBA, But with the SQL command I can.

    Thank you guys for every effort you exert.

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    I would do the upgrade to 10G. (i is now desuppported and 11G has just been released. It is time.
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    You should read the metalink note 316889.1 "Complete checklist for manual upgrades to 10gR2"

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