Recently an old server was migrated from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Intallation was fresh on a brand new server as well but the data converted to SQL 2005. Running on a Dell PE 2950 with Dual Core Xeon 5130 processors. Installation seemed to have gone well, but since the installation, Clients accessing the application running on the SQL server have been getting random errors stating "TagRead I/O Error" (1337) and then they get kicked out of the application. Immediately the vendor mentioned that it was a Network issue and that I needed to verify that. I have disabled TCP TOE on the server, loaded the latest drivers. The errors appeared to be more frequent prior to loading SQL 2005 SP2, but still continue to see the errors sporadically. I have done a ful check on the network and everything appears to be normal, no packet loses of ay kind. I cannot seem to find anything pertaining that Specific error message. I hoping someone here can give me a hand because it has been happening for quite sometime.