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    Unanswered: Cannot connect to Informix database via ODBC

    I can't seem to connect my MRP system that uses IBM Informix. I'm trying to connect to it via ODBC(can do it fine in access) but I keep on getting an error when setting it up. I've attached a screen shot fo the error. Oh yeah, I'm trying to use Crystal Reports to connect to the informix database.
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    But why do you try to connect to the physical DB utility? Database Name is a logical entity and the entry should just express the name of a database that is managed by the databaseserver refered to with the Server Name entry. This Server Name should be the same as the value for the DBSERVERNAME or DBSERVERALIASES variables in the onconfig file of the databaseserver.


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    I'm using crystal reports(on a seperate server) to connect(link to the database) to my MRP server(linux based and uses IBM informix) so that I can make daily and weekly reports from production. I just cant seem to get the crystal reports server to connect to the MRP servers database, although Access can link to the database fine.

    The first attachment is a new error I'm getting now(after reinstalling Informix driver). And the other attachments are the settings I use when selecting a datasource.

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