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    Unanswered: Microsoft Access Security problem

    Hi...please help me. I have access data base server on my windows 2000. database is mapped through drive x so that anybody has permission in accessing my data base. I have applicattions written in VB6 and Ms Access. odbc is on mapped drive x. My problem is, When the client runs the program(.mdb) and on access environment tables can be opened directly and modified. I tried the hide option on the menu table and still knows how to unhide. Also tried the enable password option but everytime i run the application i get the error message cannot access database meaning password enabling is not an option. Is there anyway or trick that i can try to secure my database from getting modified directly on the tables. I want it to be modified only on programs i wrote. In my written code, delete modify add querry is included.

    Please help.

    Many thanks,


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    You can split your database in to a front-end and a back-end. This keeps your tables in a separate file!

    Take a backup of your db and have a play
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    You have hit the main problem with using JET (Not Access) in a hetrogenous environment.

    Id suggest you deploy the JET back end as an MDE, I'd suggest to assign the tables and queries to another user account NOT ADMIN. Id suggest you create a default action on opening (through a macro or startup form or module) that immedaitely kicks out anyone tryon to open up the db.

    If you do deply the db as an MDE make sure you keep your backup of the MDB as this is the only thing you can make changes to.

    One workaround is to use a logon script which only shows the db to authorised users. there are workarounds in Netware & MS networks.. forget what they are.. talk to your network trolls about how they can hide the file
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