What approach/method or commercial software, for example microOLAP DAC, would you recommend for a Delphi application (client based) to interface to a MySQL (server based) DB? The main table will have about 20 fields of which 6-8 will be index fields. I'm looking for simplicity and speed since the client application will be "heads down" data entry.

I expect 2-3K (thousand) INSERTs and 2-3K UPDATEs per day. There could be 3.5K SELECTs per day. Average field length is 10-15 characters. The index fields will be mostly character and maybe 2-3 integer index fields. The main table will just grow, nodeletes. I expect 600K new rows per year. Three million rows after 5 years.

The application will be doing simple INSERTs and UPDATEs. The SELECTs will not be complicated...something like this (a few AND conditions in the WHERE clause):

SELECT a.field1, a.field2, field9
FROM tabel_a a
and a.field1 = programFieldValue1
and a.field2 = programFieldValue2
and a.field3 = programFieldValue3
and a.field4 = programFieldValue4;

Note, all fields in the WHERE clause will be index fields.

Thanks for your advice!